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Gather Culinary

Gather Culinary’s mission is to help cultivate confidence, creativity, and calm in the kitchen and use cooking as the path toward connection and joy. Conceptualized and led by Melanie Underwood, a Culinary Instructor and certified high school culinary arts teacher with over 26 years of experience, Gather Culinary offers classes for children and adults through after-school programs, private, in-person, and virtual classes. Melanie’s unique approach uses food as a medium for teaching acceptance, kindness, and connection. She creates a safe and comfortable environment where others feel good about themselves and, in turn, feel safe enough to trust others, creating a space of caring and kindness through cooking. Gather Culinary creates unique experiences that seek to inspire connection, community, and conversation through culinary arts.

79 Verona Avenue

Yonkers, NY 10708

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