Open for applications January 20th - January 30th, 5pm

We are happy to announce that we are now accepting applications for a second (and final) round of FREE GIFTS. Qualified applicants are first-floor businesses in Bronxville Village’s commercial district, not part of a national chain, who are members of the Bronxville Chamber of Commerce.


These gifts are a small token of gratitude and appreciation from

your entire community.


IT’S EASY TO APPLY! NO STRINGS ATTACHED! If you would like to apply

for a StrongerTogether Merchant Gift please submit an application. 

Click the button to download a Merchant Packet - all info is included.

Merchant Packets are also being hand delivered. 

Part II Merchant Loan Program - 


A unique opportunity for Bronxville businesses to prepare for the future with a 4 year loan up to $35,000.  The loans themselves are custom created with the BXV FOR BXV Committee, TrustCo Bank and The Westchester Bank. Made possible by $750,000 in credit support provided by the BXV FOR BXV Committee and a wider pool of concerned residents. An incomparable interest rate of 2.25% retained by the banks is to cover their expenses only. The Village of Bronxville, Bronxville Chamber of Commerce or any residents will not profit from the program in any way.

Bronxville Chamber of Commerce is committed to the economic growth and vitality of the Village of Bronxville business district. Our focus is building business and connecting with our community.

How to Help Frontline Workers

Donate food/supplies & volunteer

Please contact the Office of Westchester County Executive via this button link

Donate to Frontline Workers

Donate a gift card to frontline workers. Please purchase a gift card and email us to let us know you wish to donate. CHOOSE FROM EVAC, HOSPITAL, POLICE, FIRE DEPT. OR DPW





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