We are excited to announce that the Village of Bronxville, the Bronxville Chamber of Commerce, and a growing network of engaged local residents have created BXV FOR BXV, an ongoing and wide-ranging set of initiatives to invigorate the Bronxville community.
BXV FOR BXV kicked off with a loan program to benefit Bronxville based merchants. We accepted applications and rapidly helped 16 Bronxville businesses with Part I Merchant Loans. Part II Loans will be coming soon!
BXV FOR BXV now launches "StrongerTogether" a grassroots donation program which will endeavor to engage our entire community in supporting re-emerging Downtown Bronxville and our merchants.  
Funds raised by BXV FOR BXV StrongerTogether go to provide assistance to Village and Chamber events this summer and fall and to Bronxville merchants for incurred costs for items such as:
  • Outdoor Dining Spaces​
  • Downtown Beautification
  • Safety/Protection Efforts
  • Sanitation Stations
  • Protective Shields
We are hoping to attract wide and enthusiastic community involvement and participation. Watch this space and follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with the latest news and progress. If you would like more information please contact us. 
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donation or purchase swag
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Local businesses are the heart of our thriving downtown. Year in year out they donate consistently to school fundraisers, school events, silent auctions, and other charitable events and nonprofits throughout our village. They provide services to us which make our lives better. They support us and our community.


The Bronxville Chamber of Commerce now asks Bronxville residents to support our local businesses and "shop small, eat local, order now". These businesses that play such an important part within our  our community need our help. While residents cannot shop downtown currently, SupportBronxville is a necessary opportunity to shop and support these local businesses online, all in one place. 


Please find all the ways you can shop local and support Bronxville NOW below.