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BXV FOR BXV was created in April 2020 at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic by Bronxville Chamber of Commerce, the Village of Bronxville, Mayor Mary Marvin and a group of concerned Bronxville residents. The goal was to establish a wide-ranging set of initiatives to invigorate the Bronxville community and downtown.
BXV FOR BXV kicked off with a loan program to benefit Bronxville based merchants. We accepted applications and rapidly helped 16 Bronxville businesses with Part I Merchant Loans.
In July 2020, BXV FOR BXV launched "StrongerTogether" a grassroots donation program which endeavored to engage our entire community in supporting re-emerging Downtown Bronxville and our merchants.  
Funds raised by BXV FOR BXV StrongerTogether provided assistance to Bronxville merchants for incurred costs for items such as:
  • Outdoor Dining Spaces​
  • Downtown Beautification
  • Safety/Protection Efforts
  • Sanitation Stations
  • Protective Shields
The Campaign attracted wide and enthusiastic community involvement and participation.

In the Fall of 2020, the BXV FOR BXV Part II Loan Program launched. In collaboration with Trustco Bank and the Westchester Bank. Larger, longer term loans at zero percent interest were offered to Bronxville businesses.

Our BXV FOR BXV campaigns are now complete. 
We would like to thank all involved for their kindness, generosity and support of both Bronxville businesses and the Chamber of Commerce.
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